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From 10h. to 16h. The exchange of energy is their specialty. Blanca works on all parts of the body to feel a particular pleasure to occupy good vibrations inside. She specializes in erotic massage and although still young, has extensive experience behind him. Since he discovered the world of Tantrism who wanted to devote himself to this: he is fascinated this kind of sensuality, never linked to sexual practice. With fondling and rubbing the absolute ecstasy, which no doubt will fit is achieved.

In one of our six separate rooms you can taste Blanca movements and even interact with it. Pleasure is his specialty; give and receive, the two things at once. In his view, in a session of erotic massage, the priority is to have good communication between sender and receiver. The relationship can be established between them mark the degree of pleasure. Blanca is a girl of slender and firm body, but sweet and simple soul. His dark hair will slide skin without pause until your body is fully satisfied. Start at the top and back down to the thighs, then give you …

And walking around every corner offering his knowledge and virtues. Blanca is Spanish, but its roots are in the Eastern world. Since childhood has been interested in that culture, to the point of assimilating their erotic practices. Tantrism is your lifestyle and applies to any field, not only in Massage Shiva, the center of reference erotic massage in Barcelona.

His sessions are unique and the best they have is that they always leave you wanting more. Blanca makes massage of any kind to men, women and couples.

Performed Erotic Massages for men, women or couples.

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