BRAHMA MASSAGE (Sensitive Receiver)

Immerse yourself in an erotic massage which is smooth and suggestive. We apply specific techniques of excitement and relaxation, with the unique intention of causing prolonged welfare moments. Our masseuses, will use their hands and some parts of their body on the client that will remain laid down all time. This massage is performed on futon. It´s a receiver massage and there´s no interaction with the masseuse.

    • 45 min: 90 €
    • 1 hour: 100 €


A complete proposal between relaxation and excitement during the session. Based in tantra, this erotic massage applied in a futon, will make you feel totally relaxed both physically and mentally. In the second part of the session, you will enjoy with an exchange of energies and caresses with a sensual interaction with the masseuse. You will be guided by your masseuse to an intense state of eroticism.

      • 45 min.: 130 €
      • 1 hour: 150 €
masaje erotico vishnu


It´s the most erotic and sensual massage from our massages menu. It´s a full interactive and nude massage. You can enjoy, if desired, the best endings during the erotic massage to reach the absolute ecstasy. In this session, you can taste all the techniques of our erotic massage (Tantric, Thai, Body to Body, etc ..). The connection with the masseuse is magical, and the eroticism sublime. Enjoy an unique experience.

      • 45 min.: 170 €
      • 1 hour: 200 €
masaje erotico especial shiva deluxe


Based on thai techniques, applied first in futon and in “divan”, will make you reach a physical and mental relaxation. You will be guided by our masseuse to different positions to lead you to a state of utter relaxation. In the second part, you will have all the tantra and body to body erotic massage you have ever dreamed, finishing with a second relaxation that will make you feel in paradise.

      • 45 min.: 230 €
      • 1 hour: 250 €


It is the most erotic massage of our menu. It is a fully interactive and with the masseuse totally nude. In this session, you can enjoy an erotic shower with the masseuse. After going through that experience, you can enjoy the most erotic positions on the “divan”, where you can practice all the techniques of erotic massage: tantric, thai, body & body. With two relaxations to reach the absolute ecstasy.

      • 45 min.: 270 €
      • 1 hour: 300 €
Divan Nude


All our massage range can be applied also to women. Massage can be performed either by one of our masseuses or masseurs. Enjoy a moment only dedicated to you and wrap yourself in the sensuality and pleasure you deserve.

      • Rates: According to massage chosen from our Shiva massage range.


It´s an experience that everyone should live at least once in life. Masseuses will apply you the massage in beautiful synchronicity, using their hands and body to give you an unforgettable experience.The erotic four hands massage is for those who are really looking for extreme pleasure.You will notice how your body is surrounded in waves of pleasure and relaxation by the hands of two of our masseuses, to make from that massage.

      • 45 min 2 masseuses: 270 €
      • 1 hour 2 masseuses: 300 €
masaje erotico a cuatro manos


Intended for those couples who want privacy and want to enjoy a new experience in a relaxed atmosphere. It can be performed by one or two erotic masseuses, in case of two erotic masseuses, can be both female or a male and female erotic masseuse. 

      • 200 € per couple 1 hour and 1 masseuse
      • 300 € for couples 1 hour and 2 masseuses


The couple becomes part of the erotic techniques, you can interact with the masseuses and enjoy with the contact the body of the erotic masseuses. It can be performed by one or two erotic masseuses, and in case of two erotic masseuses, can be both female or a male and female erotic masseuse. 

      • 250 € per couple 1 hour and 1 masseuse
      • 400 € for couples 1 hour and 2 masseuses