Shiva erotic Massage

30 July 2020

How erotic massage helps delay ejaculation

There is a wide variety of erotic massages that will make you explore and feel different emotions until you reach ecstasy.
2 July 2020

A day of maximum eroticism in Barcelona

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city with many possibilities for those who are open to discover new experiences.
11 June 2020

The benefits of body-body massage

It is not a recent technique, the body-body massage that we offer among our services is developed with ancient therapeutic techniques.
4 June 2020

Tips to enjoy erotic massage

Relaxing after a stressful week at work is difficult, which is why many people regularly frequent a massage parlor. Our professional masseurs […]
28 May 2020

What to expect from an erotic couple massage?

Erotic couples massage is an effective way to get to know your bodies to the maximum, developing sensuality, guided by the experienced […]
25 May 2020


The recent Covid-19 pandemic has affected many local businesses and establishments internationally. Forcing them to remain closed, a situation that has taken […]
31 October 2019

Conference: marine mammals (9-12 December)

Unfortunately, marine fauna is one of the most affected by climate change and environmental pollution.
29 July 2019

Football & massages in Barcelona (Gamper 2019)

The magic of football returns to Barcelona with a classic such as the Joan Gamper Trophy. One of the most important events […]
28 February 2019

What is a massage with a happy ending?

There are many kinds of treatments in Shiva, but the erotic massage with happy ending is one of the favorites of our […]
31 January 2019

Benefits of erotic massages for couples

Although erotic massages are generally associated with men, Shiva Massages also deals with women’s pleasure by clitoral massage. The best way to […]