Erotic Massage Videos in Barcelona

Erotic Massage Centre in Barcelona. Shiva Massage

Shiva is an exclusive massage center inspired by oriental cultures tradition. We offer you different and high quality services, here you can find all you need, in a comfortable and exquisite environment.

Erotic Massage at Massage Center Shiva. Barcelona

Kriya Erotic Massage Interactive
In this massage, applied just on a futon, are combined soft and long passes, and they are applied with masseuse body.

Chill Out zone at Shiva Massage in Barcelona. Erotic Massage

Massage and chill out area:
If you wish to book an evening with your partner or have a nice time with your friends in the chill out area in our installations.

Erotic Massage and Chill Out Zone at Shiva Massage Centre in Barcelona.

Come discover our center, located in the most privileged area of Barcelona and enjoy 225 m2, in any of our six separate rooms decorated to make you feel immersed in a new and different world to what you know, where through the hands of our masseuses.

Erotic Masseuses at Shiva Massage Center in Barcelona

Our erotic massage center has only one goal: your pleasure. And for this to be able to fulfill the most important for us is that you feel comfortable with everything around massage. So you can choose both the environment in which to develop the sensuality, the masseuse who will take care of you and the type of massage you want to enjoy. Leave aside the taboos and do what you want so long: enjoy the best erotic massage in Barcelona how, when and where you want. You only have to call to arrange a time that best suits your lifestyle.
We are waiting you…

Book your erotic massage in your hotel Barcelona with Shiva Massage

From Shiva Massage we offer the possibility to enjoy the most erotic massage and complete our letter in your hotel.
A masseuse our Center will move to your hotel so you can enjoy your erotic massage without having to go to our massage center. Prices include displacement. Only available for trips to hotels in the city of Barcelona.

Massage Shiva – Meet our erotic masseuses

Massage Shiva Barcelona. Meet our erotic masseuses and choose with who you want to enjoy your erotic massage. Call to make your reservation and she will attend when you get to our Erotic Massage Center located in Paseo de Gracia 67.

Patty – Erotic Masseuse in Shiva Massage. Barcelona

My name is Patty. I am a passionate erotic Massage for the world of massage, with a sexy body and smooth skin. Come to know. You’ll enjoy an erotic massage you’ll never forget.
Massage expert in various techniques of erotic massage, tantra, eastern and relaxing. His tanned skin, her blond hair, her smile and her silky hands, in addition to their “professionalism” will make your massage is an explosion for your senses.
Performed erotic massage only for men.

Mika – Erotic Masseuse in Shiva Massage. Barcelona

Mika, a masseuse in Shiva massage Barcelona. Sweet, expert in exotic therapies and with experience in oriental and sensitive massages. She will wrap you with her charm and her silky hands. In my hands you will find the pleasure essence, it´s a unique moment of pure passion where you can pamper and free yourself, disconnecting of the daily problems and enjoying of the magic of my erotic massage.

I perform erotic massage to men, women and couples.

Luly – Erotic Masseuse in Shiva Massage. Barcelona

My name is Luly. I’m 28 years old. I´m Erotic Masseuse in Shiva Massage in Barcelona. Argentina. I’m delicate, feminine and sensual. My massages are a blend of eroticism and tenderness. My specialty is erotic massage and sensitive Californian massage. Every touch of mine, will be like a drop of honey on your skin.
With me you´ll feel that time stops at a perfect time. Find calm to feel touched and caressed by my soft hands and body warm. My Erotic massage is for men who appreciate the delicacy of a woman.
Erotic massage performed only men.

Angelika – Erotic Masseuse in Shiva Massage. Barcelona

Hi, my name is Angelika, a Russian girl, with blonde hair, 23 years old, very pretty, sensual, with sweet and soft skin you’ve ever seen … With my experienced hands take you to greater and imaginable ecstasy. Reserve your erotic massage with me and not regret …
Need a break from your daily work? You need to relax and get away from it all? Want to enjoy an erotic massage? You have reached the right place and you have in your hands the possibility to enjoy the erotic massage with me. I’m waiting you.
Performed erotic massage only for men.

Amy – Erotic Masseuse in Shiva Massage. Barcelona.

Black hair, sensual and sweet. Master Erotic Masseuse, tantric and sensitive and I apply different techniques with extreme sweetness all over your body. My hands will blow your senses. Slowly, you’ll go relaxing until you feel a gentle breeze of pleasure.
Performed Erotic Massages for men, women or couples.

Amanda – Erotic Masseuse in Shiva Massage. Barcelona

I´m Amanda. Have the privilege to see how it transforms your body into a flexible tool for the Art of Massage; Freshness, closeness and youth equally.
Youth and experience for Nordic descent masseuse expressive and intense; Enjoy an exotic touch with a Master of Sensations …. Where is your Art, is unknown; If you want to know something about her, look at her eyes say it all; If you want to know what can do, feel your body, says it all …
Performed Erotic Massages for men, women or couples.

Paloma – Erotic Masseuse in Shiva Massage. Barcelona

Erotic Masseuse extremely sensual with an incredible body that knows how to use it like angels. Her blond hair has gone crazy over a man, but her strength is the body to body. If you just go for her, you´ll get a sensory pleasure you’ve never experienced.
I´m a very exigent woman, and I´m not satisfied with only making you have a good time. I want you to remember the time you spent with me enjoying your erotic massage and so I put all my effort to make this happen.
Performed Erotic Massages for men, women or couples.

Chanel – Erotic Masseuse in Shiva Massage. Barcelona

My name is Chanel. My experience as an erotic masseuse and my unique sense of sensuality are the weapons I use to convey a naturally intense pleasure in causing you total relaxation, which will end in sensory ecstasy. Go with my hips as I raise the room temperature by applying the most exciting massage techniques.
To test my sweetness just have to make an appointment with me and wait for one of the most special days of your life. If you love watching my body, just wait to come into contact with yours …
Performed Erotic Massages for men, women or couples.

Sofia – Erotic Masseuse in Shiva Massage. Barcelona.

Young and elegant with Asian ancestors specializing in tantra, erotic massage and care partners. It’s erotic in every way. Attractive and very natural, inside and out, will leave you enchanted. Enjoy a massage expert and dare to live moments where sin is pleasure in a luxurious setting.
I am naturally sexy and feminine in every movement. I have flawless skin and silky massage perfect for each other. I’ll be your guide, your teacher tantric masseuse your whim or your geisha. Just for daring erotic intensity and educated gentlemen.
Performed Erotic Massages for men, women or couples.

Diana – Erotic Masseuse in Shiva Massage. Barcelona

My name is Diana and I´m 28. I’m a pretty, attractive and intelligent girl. I’m here to invite you to an amazing trip to pleasure and relaxation. With exceptional massage get what you need. Body Body, sensual caresses, … all accompanied by the best mass relaxing.
My strong and well formed body is not only a gift from Mother Nature. Relieve your stress, melt under my soft hands and feel completely satisfied with a beautiful lovely girl.
Performed Erotic Massages only for men.

Nuria – Erotic Masseuse in Shiva Massage. Barcelona.

I´m a simple girl and naturally timid appearance hides among the best kept secrets of erotic massage. I specialize in eliminating your worries and pains thanks to a refined massage technique that combined with a capacity unusual erotic.
I like taking care of the body and mind of the person who performed the erotic massage just to show him the difference before and after our appointment. I´m a lover of eroticism, and I think that it´s the best way to get the pleasure more intense and more real.
Performed erotic massage only for men.

Lucia – Erotic Masseuse in Shiva Massage. Barcelona

I´m Lucia. 24 years old. Erotic Catalane Masseuse, sweet and sensual, seductive look. My hands caress your whole body without exceptions, with different techniques of Erotic Massage, reaching a state of deep relaxation
Indulge yourself something, however simple or easy as it may seem …, do what you like and it always comes postponed … Discover the sensations of an Erotic Massage and love yourself, as you didn’t do it before … They are the first steps on your life that starts today. Let me help you to start it!
Performed Erotic Massages for men, women or couples.

Esteban – Erotic Masseur in Shiva Massage. Barcelona.

Argentinian erotic masseur exclusive for women. This expert erotic masseur knows all techniques to bring a woman to an absolute ecstasy, applying all his tantric knowledge in each part of her body.
I am an expert masseur in erotic massage for women and couples, combining all my strength with the tenderness of any of our masseuses. You will awaken your hidden sensations and you will be renewed inside and outside. If you are a woman and you want to feel the company of an attentive and sweet man, feel yourself desired and comfortable, if you are looking for the erotic massage you´ve always wished, make a booking with me, you will remember it all your life.

I perform massage just for women.

Marcos – Erotic Masseur in Shiva Massage. Barcelona.

Erotic Masseur. Catalan 33. Expert erotic masseuse. He knows all the techniques to make your oriental erotic massage something special and unforgettable.
Expert masseur in erotic massage. I’ll begin your massage with a relaxing massage all over your back, to change it slowly into a sensual massage, ending with your erotic massage that it will achieve you an unimaginable pleasure.
You can also enjoy a massage with your couple, where I’ll combine my strong hands with the soft hands of any of our erotic masseuses.