Our Tantric Massage


Choose between a relaxing or decontracting massage. Connect with your welbeing and receive the best anti stress remedy. Finish with a deep and relaxing facial neurosedative massage. Our expert masseuses hands will will apply a combination of creams and oils with the expertise from head to toe.
It´s not an erotic massage. This massage takes place in a massage table.

  • 1 hour: 70 €

relaxing massage


BRAHMA MASSAGE (Sensitive Receiver)

Immerse yourself in an erotic massage which is smooth and suggestive. We apply specific techniques of excitement and relaxation, with the unique intention of causing prolonged welfare moments. Our masseuses, will use their hands and some parts of their body on the client that will remain laid down all time. This massage is performed on futon. It´s a receiver massage and there´s no interaction with the masseuse.

  • 45 min: 90 €
  • 1 hour: 100 €

erotic brahma massage


KRIYA MASSAGE (Smooth interaction)

This erotic massage combines soft and long passes and is being applied with the entire body of the masseuse. This mixture of contact with the body and pleasant hands of the masseuse provide sensual and stimulating pleasure. You will enjoy with an unforgettable erotic massage in a futon where you can also participate with a smooth interaction with the masseuse.

  • 45 min: 100 €
  • 1 hour: 120 €

erotic kriya massage


VISHNU MASSAGE (Body body & Tantra & Interactive)

The most complete proposal between relaxation and excitement during the session.
Based in tantra, this erotic massage applied in a futon, will make you feel totally relaxed both physically and mentally. In the second part of the session, you will enjoy with an exchange of energies and caresses with a sensual interaction with the masseuse. You will be guided by your masseuse to different tantric positions that will lead you to an intense state of eroticism.

  • 45 min.: 130 €
  • 1 hour: 150 €

erotic vishnu massage



It is the most erotic and complete massage from our range. In this session you can delight all our erotic massage techniques: (Tantric, Thai, Body to body, etc..) Every part of your body is stimulated applying pressure and oils that flow between both bodies.Soft touches and caresses in a prolonged body body with more intense tantric positions. The connection with the masseuse is magical and sublime eroticism. The session can be customized with your own masseuse.

  • 45 min.: 170 €
  • 1 hour: 200 €

erotic special shiva deluxe massage



All our massage range can be applied also to women. Massage can be performed either by one of our masseuses or masseurs. Enjoy a moment only dedicated to you and wrap yourself in the sensuality and pleasure you deserve.

  • Rates: According to massage chosen from our Shiva massage range.

erotic special for women  massage



Enjoy a massage with your couple, with all privacy you need and the warmest environment you´ve imagined ever, to make from that moment of conspiratorial pleasure, something you will remember forever.

This massage combines aromatherapy and stimulation throughout yours and your partner´s body using relaxing, sensory, body to body and tantric massage techniques that will lead you to an explosion of pleasure and relaxation

This massage is done in a special room for couples conditioned with two futons. It´s a receiver massage and there´s no interaction with the masseuse.

The massage can be performed both by one or two of our masseuses or by a masseuse and a masseur.

  • 1 hour 1 masseuse: 150 € per Couple
  • 1 hour 2 masseuses: 300 € per Couple

erotic for couples massage



Enjoy with a couple massage where you can interact with a masseuse or masseuses. This interaction is sensual, personalized and very naturally arise in your erotic session where masseuse will accompany you closely to achieve your pleasure.

This massage can be performed both by one or two masseuses or a masseuse and a masseur.

  • 1 hour 1 masseuse: 200 € per Couple
  • 1 hour 2 masseuses: 400 € per Couple

erotic for couples interactive massage



It´s an experience that everyone should live at least once in life. Masseuses will apply you the massage in beautiful synchronicity, using their hands and body to give you an unforgettable experience.

The erotic four hands massage is for those who are really looking for extreme pleasure

You will notice how your body is surrounded in waves of pleasure and relaxation by the hands of two of our masseuses, to make from that massage something unforgettable.

  • 45 min 2 masseuses: 260 €
  • 1 hour 2 masseuses: 300 €

erotic four hands massage